Other combinations of dishes are possible if previously agreed with owners.

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SoupBrothSoupSoupSoupCold appetizer
Noodles with mashed potatoesPotato casserole or meat stewMeat and vegetables from soupBarbecue / Meat stew cooked over open fireMeat and vegetables from soupSoup
SaladSaladMeat cooked in clay potSide dishTurkey with noodlesMeat and vegetables from soup
Strudel or rollsCheese pie or strudelSaladSaladSaladRoast meat / Meat cooked in clay pot/ Barbecue / Meat stew cooked over open fire
StrudelPie or strudelStrudelSide dish
  • Aperitif – homemade brandy
  • Homemade white or red wine
  • Meat stew – pork, calf or game meat (as previously agreed)
  • Strudel filled with poppy seeds, cherries or walnuts
  • Music – tamburtiza band (price not included; needs to be previously agreed)